There goes the neighborhood

There goes the neighborhood

I am an amateur artist and photographer, now this is a term that has many meanings. To me it just means that I don’t depend on income from my artwork. However I wish to change this.

I worked professionally as a graphic designer since 1998, mainly in corporate art departments, but got burnt out and had to take a step away from it and regroup. To pay the bills now I drive a tractor trailer over-the-road. It’s a big change, I know, but this leaves me free to express myself in ways that I wish to, and develop the types of art that I want.


Looking for models around the NJ, NY metro area.

I’m very laid back and easy to work with andI take a great deal of pride in my ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable. I always attempt to provide helpful direction and constuctive criticism and i’ve been told there is a very natural, organic flow to my shoots. I will usually just allow things to go anywhere our creativity and comfort level take us. 



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